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Cell Phone Plans for Seniors

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SpeedTalk offers the most popular cell phone plans for seniors starting as low as $5.00/mo. Take the stress out of wireless with no hassle set-up, automatic refills, and reliable coverage. Whether you're looking for a basic cell phone plan with minutes and text or a data plan for internet usage, staying connected is easy, flexible, and affordable with SpeedTalk Mobile.


See Why People love SpeedTalk Mobile

Choosing a cell phone plan should be easy! SpeedTalk offers monthly wireless service that allows you to stay connected without overpaying for fussy, complicated plans. Here is our guide to choosing a cell phone plan for everyone from the no-hassle seekers, to the tech savvy seniors!

For the no-hassle seekers:

Unlimited data, streaming, and hotspots are the standard for nearly all cell phone plans these days. If you aren’t looking for all the fancy features and costly extras, try out our $5, $7.50, or $9 monthly plans for seniors. Give yourself peace of mind in case of an emergency and stay connected with friends and family without overpaying for features that you just don’t use!

For the tech-savvy Seniors:

No need to ditch the smartphone with SpeedTalk Mobile! If you are looking for monthly plans that allow you to stay connected without skimping on the extra features, we’ve got you covered. Try out SpeedTalk’s $15 and $18 monthly plans with options like unlimited SMS and up to 1.5GB of data. Or choose one of our rollover options like our $30 6-month plan and our $60 1-year plan that puts you in control of how you use your options!